Heavy-duty hose reels

Heavy-duty is a byword for quality, and making sure that you have the highest quality tools for the job is a necessary for success and ensuring customer satisfaction, Reel-Tech has been providing heavy-duty hose reels solutions for years, and with decades of combined knowledge are happy to help provide the toughest reel for your job.

When looking to source a hose reel for an intensive application, considering the right construction, build & design is paramount for a hassle-free worksite, leaving operators to continue working on critical applications, rather than replacing damaged components or advising of costly repairs.

Reel-Tech alleviates these issues by providing the Hannay brand of reel, which is world renowned for the high-quality materials used in construction of the reel, as well as thick gauge of material, and thoughtful design, all working in tandem to provide a ‘set & forget’ experience that ultimately with proper maintenance will last for years to come.

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Do you have a corrosive environment? Or is your equipment commonly damaged? Look no further than Reel-Tech’s Pit Bull hose reels, supplied with a heavy-duty galvanised finish, and carefully designed for the roughest environments.

Pit Bull reels are also amongst the safest reels manufactured in Australia, and with a wide range of accessories that are manufactured locally, allowing reels to be custom made for any unique circumstance.

Whether re-fuelling, transferring diesel, providing compressed air or simply washing down, Reel-Tech have a heavy-duty hose reel solution for every and any application!



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Cale Hart

Written by Cale Hart

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