Hoses - The hidden hazard under your feet.

In the world of factories and worksites, safety and efficiency are paramount. While everyday items like hoses might seem innocuous, they can pose significant risks if not managed properly. Hoses used

Even more reasons why you need a quality hose reel!

When it comes to hose reels, investing in a high-quality one may make or break the situation. While inexpensive, run-of-the-mill hose reels may appear to be a cost-effective option, they might really

Properly store your hose!

Hose reels are necessary tools for properly storing hoses while not in use. They offer a number of significant advantages that reduce the danger of harm and damage to equipment and property. They

Even Heavy-Duty reels need a bit of TLC

A reel that works as hard as you do may require regular maintenance. For over 85 years, Hannay's reels have been the industry standard—not just for their exceptional workmanship and longevity, but

Learn about Hannay's wide range of Communications reels.

Maintaining open lines of communication is critical to the success of any enterprise. From organising a news broadcast to monitoring military activities, effective connections require a considerable

Why investing in quality hose reels from Reel Tech is worth it.

If you need hose reels for any application, environment, or purpose, you should look for a robust, solid, well-built hose reel that will endure for years. You don't want to settle for anything less

A Beginners Guide To Reels: How to pick the right hose reel for you.

Industrial hose reel technologies are new to you? Don't worry, this brief introduction will assist you in selecting the ideal hose reel for your specific job needs. We have discussed this earlier in

Pit Bull SR - Customised for our customers

Pit Bull SR™ - The Toughest Reels for Mining. With years of experience in the safer hose handling industry and design experience from many industries, we often create custom reels for our customers.

Why HANNAY hose reels are ' The Reel Leader'

It is no wonder that Hannay Reels are the market leader in the hose reel industry. With a long history of making quality products that are durable and strong, it is no wonder that they have earned

Advantages of heavy duty spring rewind/retractable hose reels in mining

Mining applications worldwide use spring rewind (retractable) hose reels for various applications including refuelling, lubrication, compressed air & washdown. By definition, spring rewind hose reels