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A custom Reel for Australian Defence

  Government – Australia, Cable Storage Reels for Defence Field Operations  A large Australian owned communications cable supplier was selected from a small panel of Australian Defence suppliers to

Stainless reels for food & beverage

Food & beverage is a rapidly expanding industry, and with new challenges lying ahead, not having to worry about your equipment or meeting the ever-raising standard for hygiene & safety, is crucial

Heavy-duty hose reels

Heavy-duty is the byword for quality, by making sure that you have the highest quality tools for the job  success and ensuring customer satisfaction can be almost guaranteed, Reel-Tech have been

The safest reels are manufactured here in Australia

Mining, workshop, transport operators and government department operators are turning to Pit Bull direct drive reels because of their patented design & safety features. With Pit Bull reels being

Identifying a constant tension application

With a myriad of hose reel applications, making sure that the right hose reel, and its constituent method of retraction are suited for the job is important and in this short blog, we will have a look